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Unique Quarry. Unique Marble. Exceptional Beauty.

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The Moschini family inherited the Ornavasso quarries and have passed on the traditions, skills and prestige from generation to generation to honor such a gift.

Because of this history, the quarry is also known as the Moschini quarry.

In 2004, the Moschini family created Le Rogge, a family company that extracts and processes the marble (Candoglia) and various granite (Alma White and Alma Ines/Alma Gray) interior. These materials are sold in blocks and slabs, are supplied for restoration works, for construction and for prestigious and design furnishings. 
Recently, the Moschini quarry has joined the tourism sector providing guided tours and hosting various events, with partners such as the MULM project (Longest Museum in the World.)

Cava di Ornavasso
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